How to Export 1099-NEC Data in IRIS CSV Format and Upload to the New IRIS System

Follow this tutorial to create IRIS 1099-NEC CSV (Comma Separated) files that follow the template formatting guidelines as defined by the IRS and then upload to the new Information Returns Intake System. To follow this tutorial, you will need W2 Mate® software with the "IRIS Export Feature" enabled. You also need an active IRIS TCC code.

Step # Step Details

Make sure you have entered and reviewed the 1099-NEC data inside W2 Mate. Please also note that if your data is in another application then you can import from different sources such as Intuit QBD (QuickBooks Desktop), Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage 50 and other sources. Also, if your data is in the IRS FIRE format (publication 1220) you can also import into W2 Mate.

2 Select "E-Filing > IRIS CSV Upload > Export 1099-NEC Data as IRIS Template File” from the top menu inside W2 Mate. See screenshot below:

Click E-Filing > IRIS CSV Upload > Export 1099-NEC


Now W2 Mate will create the output IRIS CSV file. Please note that the default output file name (unless you change it) is “IRIS-1099-NEC-Company-Name-Goes-Here.csv”. Since IRIS accepts up to 100 rows in a file then W2 Mate will create multiple files if your company includes more than 100 1099-NEC forms.

4 If the file gets created successfully then you should get a success message as shown in the screenshot below. W2 Mate will also ask you if you want to go to the folder where the IRIS CSV file was created. Please click Yes.

IRIS CSV File Created Successfully
5 Review the output CSV file generated by W2 Mate. You can open inside your favorite spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. The file will have many columns such as Form Type, Tax Year, Payer TIN Type, Payer Taxpayer ID Number, Payer Business or Entity Name Line 1 and so on. Please make sure the “Form Type” is set to “1099-NEC” if you are filing “Nonemployee Compensation” data and double check the Tax Year and make sure it matches the year you are filing for.
6 Now you need to log into the IRIS portal and upload the 1099-NEC CSV file by selecting “Upload CSV with Form Data” from the dashboard and then in the next screen select “Browse or drop the csv file here”, select the file that W2 Mate generated. See screenshot below:

Click on Upload CSV with Form Data
7 Once you upload the CSV file, click the “Start” button, which will direct you to the “Review Form Information” page. Please verify that all the 1099-NEC boxes are filled out accurately. Click "Add all" to upload the forms to the IRIS portal. The "Upload Successful" page will now appear, showing you how many forms are ready to be submitted and how many still want more information.
8 Congratulations! Now in the final step, select “Visit the Un-submitted Forms” page to modify, download and submit your forms data to the IRS.