1099 EFile Format

Microsoft Dynamics GP 1099 E-Filing

The easiest and most cost effective way to file 1099 forms electronically for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains).

1) Unlimited 1099 forms and unlimited number of companies. No per account fees.

2) Flat price.

3) Supports most 1099 form types and not limited to 1099-MISC only (for example INT, DIV, R, A, B, C, PATR, OID, K, 1098, 1098-T).

4) 1099 Import Wizard Specially Designed for Microsoft Dynamics.

5) Re-Map MS Dynamics 1099 data to any form or box you want (Take 1099-MISC data and make it 1099-B data for example)

6) Installs in minutes. Does not need to run on the same server or machine as Microsoft Dynamics. Does not need advanced technical know-how, just basic computer skills.

7) Supports any type of 1099 box and not limited to non-employee compensation.

8) Supports reporting for recipients that do not meet the filing threshold.

9) Supports Bulk TIN matching to very recipient information including Tax Identification Number. Auto creates list of recipients you need to send W-9 forms to.

10) Does not need to connect to or access the Microsoft Dynamics Database.

11) You do not need to pay expensive consultation fees.

12) Both federal and state electronic filing.

13) Complies with IRS regulations for 1099 electronic filing.

14) Supports issuing multiple 1099s to the same recipient.

15) Supports batch update for multiple recipients with one click.

16) You have access to the actual 1099 E-File that gets sent to the IRS so you can save for your records.

17) Ability to correct amounts, names and addresses. Ability to issue corrected 1099 forms. No need for Microsoft Dynamics GP 1099 Modifier tool.

18) Ability to print recipient copies on regular white paper (no need for special forms).

19) Ability to send electronic statements to recipients (batch email through our 1099 Emailer Module).

20) Trusted by thousands of customers across different industries including banking, healthcare, energy, local governments, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications and more.

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